The notarization platform that allows you to safely notarize, sign and share your documents on various blockchains by providing them with a timestamp, digital signature, proof of ownership and immutability over time.

The only one in Europe notarizing on Algorand blockchain!

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Sign and timestap your files directly from home, making them immutable on the blockchain

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Protect your health data by giving them certain date and immutability over time.


Academic and school certifications, Masters and research.

Protect your talent over time and easily demonstrate the validity of your credentials all over the world.

Assembly Bodies

Use the blockchain in your company as a public and immutable ledger, to preserve and sign the assembly activity in compliance with the principles of transparency, traceability, and publicity.


Use the most innovative solutions to remotely share documents and sign contracts with your customers, directly from your home, but with the security of the blockchain.


The blockchain, due to its decentralized nature and the immutability of the recorded data, guarantees transparency and trust to donors, who can follow the path of the donated funds. Dedit provides the wallets to be able to transfer and receive them.

Public administration

Dedit revolutionizes the accountability of the Public Administration, making processes transparent, thanks to the possibility of interacting and writing on the blockchain in a simple and secure way.


Lawyers, solicitors and accountants use Dedit to store documents, register them on blockchain and have them digitally signed through the multi-user signature function.


Protect your works by storing them on Dedit.

They will be registered on the blockchain and you will receive a document certifying the ownership of the uploaded document.

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Various blockchains, one platform



  • encrypted safekeeping of documents

  • signature with private key

  • transaction history

  • unlimited immediate verification

  • multi-user signature

  • API integration

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