About Us

Dedit, the notarization platform that allows you to securely guard your assets, certify, sign and share your most important documents by providing them with certain date, digital signature, proof of paternity and immutability over time.

Sign and date your files directly from home, notarize them to make them immutable on the blockchain.

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Our vision is to make notarization more democratic, elevating the role of individuals, businesses, and institutions through blockchain technology.
We aim to transform the lifecycle process of any document, removing traditional barriers with an innovative blockchain-based approach.
We want to help every individual and organization in the world manage their documents, accelerating the digitization process to create a positive impact in the lives of our customers.
We aim to provide accessible digital autonomy for everyone, becoming a benchmark in the industry with a reliable and efficient service for easily storing, sharing, and signing all types of documents.


Our goal is to usher in a new era in the lifecycle of any type of document, ensuring greater transparency and reliability compared to conventional methods
Our mission is to simplify and make notarization accessible through the use of blockchain technology.
With Dedit.io, it is finally possible to manage documents in a simple, streamlined and secure manner through the use of a state-of-the-art solution